Anachronistic Alchemy was created out of my love of Victorian and Steampunk style.   When searching for everyday pieces for myself I was never able to find items that were unique and reflected my personal style.  If I did find something, it was usually full of fake rhinestones or was overpriced and mass produced.  I started making pieces for myself that were artistic and one of a kind.  This turned into Anachronistic Alchemy as I received requests from other people to design something just for them.  There are no two pieces that are exactly alike.    I use a lot of upcycled and recycled materials to create something new from something old.

I draw inspiration from my hobbies as well as my lifestyle.  Some of my hobbies include roller skating and cosplay.  I had to frequently design and make pieces to go with my cosplay costumes.  Anachronistic Alchemy takes this a step further and designs unique fantasy pieces, steampunk jewelry and roller skating jewelry.   Any pieces that have gemstones are all authentic gemstones and diamonds.  The only exception is the claw ring line which uses Swarovski crystals.

I sell at various events throughout the year and the pieces depicted on the Anachronistic Alchemy website reflect a fraction of the items that were available at the time that I posted them.   If you see something here that you are interested in, want something designed just for you, or want to see some other things please email me.  My Etsy store barely scratches the surface of what is available and is in the process of being updated, so it is not a perfect representation of what Anachronistic Alchemy has to offer.